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Being a teenager today can be compared to being on a roller coaster...the ups and downs, some things
are happening really fast, some things are going way too slow, sometimes it feels like the world is upside
down one minute or spinning out of control the next.  Hormones, peer pressure, parental expectations,
school, activities and sports, parties, driving, following the rules, part-time jobs, personal appearance,
homework, bullying...the list goes on and on.  You're not a 'little kid' anymore, but you're not completely
ready for all the responsibilities of adulthood yet either.  Is it any wonder why it's so hard being a
Sometimes it can be hard to cope with all the changes that happen during
your teenage years.  If you are having trouble dealing with certain situations
or emotions, you might find counseling to be a helpful way of sorting things out.
If you are thinking about whether counseling could be helpful to you, here are
some questions to ask yourself:
  • Do you ever feel really sad, frustrated, or lonely?
  • Do you feel anxious, worried, or guilty?
  • Have you noticed some changes in the way you sleep, eat, or think and
    feel about life?
  • Is it hard for you to talk about these feelings with your family or
  • Are these feelings having a bad effect on your life-are they making your
    schoolwork and your relationships with family and friends difficult?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it may be a good idea for you to talk with a
therapist.  A therapist is an adult who has special training to help people sort through their different
feelings and problems.  Teenagers and young adults go to counseling for many reasons.  A therapist
does not tell you how to solve your problems, but will assist and guide you in finding your own solutions.

Therapy can help you to understand your feelings and problems and help you to learn how to cope with
these feelings and problems in everyday life.  Therapy takes place in a completely confidential setting.
Confidential means that the therapist cannot tell anyone, not even your parents, about what the two
of you talk about.  There are only a few exceptions to confidentiality:
             (1) if you are a danger to yourself or someone else or
             (2) if you are abused or neglected, then a therapist is required by law to get you help.

Talking with someone who is knowledgeable about teenagers and the difficulties they experience can
help you see things in a completely different way, so that you can handle situations differently and
feel really good about yourself.  Teen therapy at The Counseling Connection is not just 'talking'.  
Activities are part of each session because sometimes, words just don't express it well enough.  Clay,
painting, sand tray, collages, cooking, playing basketball, taking walks, and other activities take the
pressure off of 'just talking', and provide emotional expression and understanding.  

Think about it...wouldn't it be good to have someone to talk to who can understand what you are
going through and help you problem solve the issues that are interfering and keeping you from
enjoying your life?  Show a parent or guardian this page and tell them to call and make an
appointment.  You deserve to feel better!